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Sows and Gilts


Gloria is Lady Bird's first daughter.  She is sired by Godsmack.  Her mother is a Power Wagon X Flight 873 from Bill Owen at Salado Creek Farm.  She will be AIed for 2013 State Fair of Texas pigs.  The sire is yet to be determined, but Hype is looking real good.


Florence is a Manual Labor daughter Carly purchased from Bill Owen last Fall. Her mother is a Circumference daughter. Florence is a big framed, taller kind of girl that when mated to HD Hype from Huinker Durocs should produced a very big footed, correct kind of pig that will mature into an impressive specimen. She turned out to be an absolutely excellent mother and we will retain one or two gilts.  A  boar is being groomed for the 2013 Southwest Type Conference.  Her barrow pigs were real popular with buyers.


Footsie comes from Foote Farms in the Panhandle by way of the 2012 SWTC.  She place second in her class is a very attractive, heavy milking female that really knows how to take care of her pigs. She is of Foreskin breeding. She was AI-ed for August pigs by Chuck Real's Papi Grande. The litter did not disappoint.  Papi Grande did a very good job of adding bone, body, and muscle.  We will be retaining a blue and a  black gilt from this litter.  A black boar pig is headed to the SWTC in 2013.

Other Sows information:

SASSY - Laura picked out Sassy at the 2011 SWTC.  She came from Robin Ridge Farm and is a Gladiator daughter. She is a registered Yorkshire and had a crossbred litter by Triple B Sire's Flash Drive, the 2011 SWTC Champion Crossbred boar on 3/27/2012. There are some real nice Blue Butts in this litter of 13 pigs. Alll were born alive and she raised all of them. Due to a recent infection, Sassy will most likely have her next litter in late October for pigs that will work for Austin and later spring counties like Limestone.

PEACHES - Laura's old show gilt Peaches was real popular with Judge Jim McCoy, being the youngest gilt in the Bell County Youth Fair Breeding Show.  She is a Revolution 37-4 sow that is 3/4 Cobb bred and then some. She is an exceptionally long sow and is really wide underneath when you analyze her. She milks like a Holstein. She had 13 total pigs with one stillborn and raised 12 this time around. This 3/27/2012 litter is pure York out of Denny Belew's Dillinger(GangsterXHedgepostXTimepiece). These are a really great set of York pigs.  Two of the gilts were recently shown at the State Fair of Texas and placed 2nd and 3rd behind the NSR Reserve Grand Champion.  Sammy and Carly had a really good day!   Big boned. and free moving. I really like them.  We are breeding her to  the Hillbilly Bone son out of a PSSS Wingman daughter at Huinker's known as 2-2 which creating such a stir among some of the Nation's best pig men. This litter was born 9/12/2012. They are outstanding blue and white crosses with really big bone.  They will be avaiable 10/20/2012.  We have not determined what the next step for Peaches.  I am thinking a season off to replenish her body condition.

LADY BIRD - The family favorite and Sammy's entry into Duroc breeding. Lady Bird was the 2011 Champion Duroc Breeding Gilt at the Bell County Youth Fair. Jim McCoy commented that she had one of the best underlines he had seen on a Duroc gilt in a long time.  She is a Power Wagon X Flight 873 out of Bill Owen's oldest sow line.  She raised 8 pigs now out of John Brown's Texas Buck UNSR 9-1 who is now known as Buck Cherry 9-1 and is owned by and housed at PSSS. The pigs were born 4/17/2012 and were real growers with our boar Politico weighing 250 pounds at 136 days.   Lady Bird was AI-ed to Huinker's Clayborn 76-2  and farrowed 9/11/2012.  Extremely thick, fast growing, big boned pigs that will work for Bell County and all February shows.  Before you dismiss this as too young, keep in mind that this line of pigs will hit 250 at approximately 140-150 days on the average.  That is not brag.  It is fact.  These pigs will be available 10/20/2012.
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